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#MeToo in Healthcare

Beazley Risk Management Webinar

2 May 2019

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Although MeToo did not begin in October 2017, it has been 18 months since allegations of sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein made national news and sparked keen awareness and concerned discussion of the movement at kitchen tables and board rooms across the country.  We will explore the current landscape of MeToo in the Healthcare Management Liability space, exploring how attitudes have changed for both insureds and carriers, on both sides of the "v", on the bench and in the jury box. We will also look at the shifting attitudes of employers and employees when complaints of sexual harassment are made. By the end of our session, you will have a better understanding of this risk and how we expect it to develop in the future.

  • Healthcare environment in the age of #MeToo
  • Changes in the health care industry
  • Employers Role and how should employers respond?


  • Maryann Yelnosky, Bullard Law
  • Adam Keating, Beazley
  • Stavan Israel, Beazley 

How it works:

This one-hour webinar will be delivered on the GoToWebinar platform. You will need a computer with a high-speed Internet connection to participate. Audio can be accessed either through your computer or telephone, but sound quality may be more reliable via a landline telephone.

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Maryann Yelnosky

Attorney, Bullard Law
Portland, OR

Beazley Presenters:

Adam Keating

Claims Manager Specialty Lines

Adam Keating

Farmington, CT, USA

Stavan Israel

Healthcare Management Liability Underwriter

Stavan Israel

Chicago, IL, USA

+1 312 476 6227