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Reputational risk insurance comes of age 

July 2, 2019

Insurers have historically put reputational risk into the "too difficult" category. That is now changing. In this Beazley podcast we look at four innovative insurance products that protect reputations at times of great peril. 

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What’s new in education and events


#MeToo in Healthcare- Webinar Video

June 20, 2019

In this timely webinar, we explore the current landscape of MeToo in the Healthcare Management Liability space, exploring how attitudes have changed for both insureds and carriers. We also look at the shifting attitudes of employers and employees when complaints of sexual harassment are made.

Thought leadership

Apps to manage chronic conditions come with risk

July 10, 2019

The long and short term consequences of failing to manage diabetes effectively can be devastating.  Mobile apps can often help but, according to new research, the information that many of these apps provide may be dangerously vague.  Caveat medicus …

Featured event

RIMS Canada

September 18, 2019

The RIMS Canada Conference is where you’ll find leading and innovative companies that are changing the way business is done. Beazley will have a number of underwriters in attendance and a Claim Team Leader speaking at one of the sessions. We will also feature two guest speakers on our panel.